Automotive RF Applications

Amin Rida, Li Yang, Jonathan Pan, Rushi Vyas, Vasileios Lakafosis, Farzad Nasri

RFID technology for vehicle and container tracking

  • Extremely lossy environment due to the presence of numerous metals that cause degradation in wireless signals
  • Operating bandwidth of RFID nodes can vary from one country to another
  • Multipath effect of wireless signals
  • Power Constraints
  • Materials (substrate for electronics) and packaging

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RFID in Automotive Applications

Example: Radiation for a single car
RFID Tag placed vertically on the license plate

Example: In the Parking Lot
Shows the importance of placing the RFID tag correctly.

Radiation Pattern of RFID Antenna placed on the back car's license plate

Model of car body in 3D EM Simulator FEKO

The existence of the front car heavily suppresses the signal of the RFID placed on the back car’s license plate. Energy goes from the back instead of front. It shows the importance of looking for the correct place for RFID tag.

The performance of a windshield tag in a parallel parking situation

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Environmental Factors

Snow, Ice, Rain, Humidity
  • May build a thin/thick layer of ice/snow/water on windows
  • Simulate the environment with the humid conditions (changes in dielectric constant and loss tangent of air)

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RFID Antenna Module for Tire

Tire Analysis
Tilt the antenna 45°

Radiation normal to the tire is better

RFID Antenna Module for Tire

RFID Tire Application

RFID tag in tire

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Radar Applications

Road traffic accidents rise from 9th leading cause of death in 2004 to 5th in 2030.

Current Radars

Next Generation Radars

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3D Transitions

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Antenna Design/Integration

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